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Founded by the International Hearing Society, “Fit To Serve” is a campaign dedicated to improving the hearing healthcare system for America’s Veterans. Our goal is to ensure timely access to high quality hearing health care for all Veterans.  We are committed to serving the Veterans who have served all of us.

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We invite Veterans, their families, and providers to get involved in our campaign to expand Veterans' access to care through outreach to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Members of Congress, Veteran Service Organizations, and the media.

What's New

4/11/14:  U.S. Rep Duffy and 1SG Eversmann on Fox & Friends

H.R. 3508 bill sponsor Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) and FTS National Spokesperson 1SG Matt Eversmann appeared on TV talk show Fox & Friends and nationally-syndicated radio show Kilmeade and Friends to talk about Veterans' hearing issues and H.R. 3508.  Watch the Fox & Friends clip.

3/27/14:  House VA Subcommitte Holds Hearing on H.R. 3508

The first step in the committee process, the House VA Subcomittee of Health held a hearing on a number of bills, including H.R. 3508.  Bill sponsor Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) presented the bill to his colleagues and urged the subcommittee to pass the bill favorably.  Visit the Committee's website to watch back the hearing and view comments on the bill submitted by IHS, several veteran service organizations, and the VA, among others.

2/18/14: Fit to Serve releases VA Access Survey

Veterans and providers are encouraged to participate in our new survey, designed to collect anonymous data about VA appointment wait times and distances to travel to VA clinics. Click here to access the survey. 

1/22/14: Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Supports H.R. 3508

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) announced its support for H.R. 3508 on January 22th in a letter to the bill's cosponsors.  This highly-regarded organization works to advocate for the 2.6 million Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Fit to Serve is so pleased to have IAVA's endorsement for the bill.  Read IAVA's letter

1/8/14: Blinded Veterans Association and VetsFirst Endorse H.R. 3508

Two more highly-respected veteran service organizations have indicated their support for H.R. 3508, Blinded Veterans Association and VetsFirst, a program of United Spinal.  Comprised of thousands of Veteran members, these organizations provide critical support to wounded veterans.  Read BVA's letter and VetsFirst's letter

1/3/14: AMVETS Announces Support for H.R. 3508

On January 3, 2014, AMVETS sent a letter to H.R. 3508 sponsors Reps. Duffy and Walz, expressing its support for the bill.  AMVETS is a national veteran service organization serving a quarter million Veteran members.  Read the letter

11/18/13: Bipartisan legislation, H.R. 3508, introduced to improve hearing healthcare for Veterans 

Filed on November 15th by Reps. Sean Duffy (R-WI) and Timothy Walz (D-MN), the intent of this bi-partisan bill is to ensure that America's Veterans have convenient, timely access to high quality hearing healthcare.  Read the release

9/19/13: First Sergeant Matthew P. Eversmann, US Army (retired) to serve as National Spokesperson for Fit to Serve

EversmannMatt.jpgFit to Serve is proud to announce First Sergeant Matthew P. Eversmann, US Army  (retired) will be serving as National Spokesperson for Fit to Serve.   Eversmann, whose US Army service spanned more than two decades, had his  experience in Somalia detailed in Mark Bowden’s 1999 book “Black Hawk  Down.”  Eversmann was later portrayed by Josh Hartnett in the 2001  Oscar-winning motion picture based on the book.  We are honored that he  is lending his voice to our campaign.  You can learn more about Matt and his service in our press release and in his biography.






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