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couple.jpg"The nearest VA facility offering audiological services is over 200 miles away. Some of our older veterans are unable to drive that distance, or even too frail to travel without significant discomfort.  Additionally, many veterans report long wait times because of the backlog at VA Hearing Centers. This problem could be remedied by opening up the field to state licensed and Nationally Board Certified hearing aid dispensers."  -Burt, Hearing Aid Specialist, Arizona

"I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 50 years – the VA has been very helpful to me in the past.  Since I can’t drive, it’s been difficult to continue treatment at VA.  The distance is too far.  I’ve been using Ahrens Hearing Center in New Jersey.  It would be helpful financially if the VA would allow service at approved hearing centers – also the time between appointments would be cut down which would also be helpful." -Harry, WWII Veteran, New Jersey. 

flag.jpg"Many Veterans have given up waiting on the VA for months.  They come to our offices seeking hearing health care.  Some purchase hearing aids, even though VA hearing aids are free, so that they can enjoy the benefits of amplification without further waiting.  Other Veterans, who already have VA hearing aids, plead with us to provide follow-up service since the waiting list at the VA is so long."  -Scott, Hearing Aid Specialist

"I have a friend who is eligible for VA hearing aids.  He came to me to recommend what he should ask for when tested.  I gave him that recommendation last summer.  His appointment must have been in September.  He came by my office yesterday to show me the new hearing aids he got delivered on Friday, February 1, 2013.  The shipping box from Starkey showed the hearing aids were shipped to the VA on October 4, 2012.  They had the instruments, sitting on a shelf, from October 5, 2012 until February 1, 2013.  I asked him why so long.  He told me when they tested him they set his fitting appointment at that time.  That's almost 4 months!"  -Bill, Hearing Aid Specialist, Arizona

"Veterans tell me how hard it is for them to get to the VA hospital for any adjustment to their hearing aids. They tell me they have to give up the entire day just for a 15 minute adjustment. If you were to ask them if it would be easier and better for them to see a Hearing Instrument Specialist they would overwhelmingly vote yes."  -William, Hearing Aid Specialist

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