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IHS Action Center


Federal and state decision makers can and will impact the delivery of hearing healthcare by hearing healthcare professionals and the patients they serve.  You have the ability to make a difference!  Help influence federal and state legislation and regulations by learning more about the issues and taking part in the legislative and regulatory processes.


Take Action!

Click on the below titles to take action on our pending action alerts.  

  • U.S. House: Support World Hearing Day Resolution
    Support the adoption of a Congressional resolution recognizing the importance of hearing and role of licensed professionals in hearing loss rehabilitation.
  • Delaware: Oppose HB 171
    HB 171 would completely bar hearing aid specialists from engaging in cerumen management and tinnitus management. The bill would also allow for the hearing aid specialist seat on the board to be filled by an audiologist.
  • Louisiana - Oppose HB 748
    An action alert to help members oppose HB 748 -- a bill dealing with occupational licensure in Louisiana.

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